What's the hype all about ?

Officially ranked in Australia as Australia's top freelance Sports photographer, Delly Carr's lifetime list of clients reads like a who's who of the Australian sporting scene. His 30 years of ethics and signature photography was formally recognised by his peers with his induction as a founding Member of the World Photography Academy (and is still the only Australian Member photographer), his position as the only Sport Photography Ambassador for Nikon Oceania,  Brand Ambassador for Subaru Australia,  Thule' Creative Ambassador, AIPP Board Advisor for Sport and Documentary, and Director of Photography for the Kangaroo Boxing Club.

His current work has been featured prominently in promotional campaigns for companies as diverse as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organising Committee, Elastoplast, Casio GShock, Rebel Sports, Oakley, Gatorade, Kelloggs, Asics, Nikon, Speedo, Foxsports, Red Bull, Vodafone, Sydney Olympic Park and the Bradman Foundation.

He personally has been commissioned as the Official Photographer to Swimming Australia, Triathlon Australia, Rowing Australia, Softball Australia, the NSW Mens and Womens Cricket Team, Canoe/Kayak Australia, the ITU World Championship Triathlon Series, the Sydney Running Festival, the Kelloggs NutriGrain Surf Ironman, the Rugby World Cup Organising Committee, the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour,  Surf Lifesaving Australia, Cycling Australia, Hockey Australia & the Bahrain Endurance Team.

He is also accredited to photograph most, if not all, of the major sporting events and competitions in the country such as the past 7 Commonwealth Games and the 2000, 2004 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 and 2018 Olympic Games. He is best known world wide for his award winning imagery in the sport of Triathlon.


AIPP 2017 Sports Photographer of The Year

Thule Creative Ambassador 2014-2019
Subaru Creative Ambassador Australia 2013-2019
Nikon Sports Photography Ambassador 2009-2019
World Photography Academy Member 2008-2019

AIPP Board Advisor for Sport and Documentary 2017-2019
ITU Photography People’s Choice Award 2017 4xSilver Distinction Awards - 2016 Aust Professional Photography Awards
Finalist - Australian Sports Commission Media Photography Awards 2016
Gold - Australian Swimming Action Photo of the Year 2014
Gold - Australian Swimming Feature Photo of the Year 2014
Gold - Publishers Australia Awards Custom Cover Of The Year 2013
Gold - Inside Triathlon Triathlon Photo Of The Year 2013

Gold - Australian Swimming Action Photo of the Year 2013
4xSilver Awards - 2012 Australian Professional Photography Awards
Gold- Australian Swimming Feature Photo of the Year 2012
Silver Award - Sport - International Loupe Photography Awards 2011
Gold - Australian Swimming Action Photo of the Year 2011
People's Choice Award - IASI Spirit of Sport International Photographic Competition 2009
Finalist - Australian Sports Photographer of the Year 2009
Gold - Australian Swimming Feature Photo of the Year 2008
Gold - Australian Swimming Action Photo of the Year 2008
Finalist - Australian Sports Photographer of the Year 2008
Gold - SPORTS PHOTOGRAPH OF THE YEAR - Photography Masters Cup 2007
Runner Up - Photographer of the Year - Photography Masters Cup 2007
Bronze Award - Best Action Photo - Sportsshooter USA 2OO3
Judges Award - Sportsshooter USA Awards 2OO2
Gold Award - BEST OLYMPIC PHOTOGRAPH - Sportsshooter USA 2001
Finalist ASDA Sport Photographer of Year 2001
Ironman Triathlon Photography Award 2000
Gold Award - Australian Netball Photograph 1998
IOC Best of Sport Commendation 1997



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